$2.33 for your child. Don't spend it all in one place

Did you know that the total US government spending on eating disorder research is $21 million? By way of comparison, schizophrenia, which effects about the same number of people, merits $300 million.

Next time you wonder why each clinician you consult gives you a different prescription, remember how little real research there is for them to draw on.

Want to get involved?

The Eating Disorders Coalition is the leader in changing ED legislation and their work has truly had an impact on research, insurance, and public knowledge of these diseases. They do it on a tiny budget and no full-time staff.

On February 27, the EDC will hold a Congressional Briefing and sponsor a talk at NIH entitled "Fighting Stigma with Science." Speakers include Aimee Liu, Cynthia Bulik, and Ron George. I am attending both events and recommend anyone who can be there to come on out. If you want Congress and the NIH to know eating disorders matter, and you want EDC to know you support the work they are doing for all of us: come on out!


  1. Do you know if a video of the Congressional Briefing will be put up on the Internet?

  2. Anon-

    I don't know, but that's something good to check into. I'll be there, too, Laura.

  3. I don't remember if EDC has done this in the past. I will ask!

  4. I knew ED research was underfunded but...wow. Just wow.

    Even better, I'd wager that the money's going to anorexia and/or bulimia research--which, as it turns out, is only half (or even less) of the eating disordered population.

    But why should the government do any research for us? We're just vain spoiled skinny rich white girls with no real problems and too much time on our hands making ourselves sick to get attention. (No, I'm not bitter, not bitter at all...)

  5. Laura,

    I just registered. I'll get my husband to cover lunch at school with my daughter. Looking forward to seeing you and hearing a great panel of speakers.

  6. Dorothy, how wonderful! I'll see you there.


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