Today is "I love therapists" day

OK, it isn't an official holiday. Hallmark doesn't have a card (I don't think). I've just made it up.

It is time to extend well-deserved and often overlooked gratitude to the many clinicians out there who work hard, and effectively, saving eating disorder patients and their families.

As much as I complain about the BAD ONES, as much as I rail against the incompetent, and as strong as I speak up against the sad history of marginalizing and shaming parents, I am a grateful fan of GOOD, SKILLED therapy.

My daughter didn't get well on her own, and we didn't assist her alone on some mountaintop. Her recovery also involved expert guidance. Three different psychotherapists played critical roles in person and countless more did so indirectly or by way of their books and public statements.

I am deeply grateful to the therapists who helped our family, and to the many therapists who are working toward the same goal we all are: improved lives, improved treatment, improved families.

Thank you so much!


  1. Right on Laura. They have a hard job. And on top of that, they are constantly getting grief from their patients, parents, insurance companies, bosses, etc. etc. It's not always clear what the best thing is to do in treatment, but I can't think of a time when I've ever seen one do anything other than what he or she thought was right. To those therapists out there, I say Happy Therapists Day!
    a concerned dad

  2. What kind of pictures do you think Hallmark should put on the cards?

    Cakes = a no no for the "don't talk about food" brigade
    Flowers = too feminine for the wonderful male therapists out there
    "Humerous" cartoons = far too flippant for the serious
    Candles = probably lovely for most, but not for those dealing with pyromania

    I think we'll have to celebrate the day at another time of year here as for me January 18th will always be "Grandma's birthday"

  3. Marcella,
    Greeting cards are already available! Both in traditonal...
    And electronic formats...
    (bonus compulsive eating graphics!)
    Also available, cards for bad parents ("This milk has dysfunction written all over it...I'll take formula.)


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