Friendship and bread

Guess who (came) to (lunch)?

My virtual friend, Carrie Arnold, and her wonderful mom came to my house and took me out to lunch today! What a joy to put voices and faces to people I've grown to feel were already friends and kindred spirits.

I mentioned in my directions to the house an odd fork in the road to which Carrie responded "Figures you'd live by a fork. :)"

When the waiter came to take our plates he teased me for leaving a bite of food on my plate and tried to get me to finish: a Maudsley restaurant?

I teased her during the meal that I would beat her to the blog about lunch!

Naturally, I sent Arnolds off with a loaf of Amish Friendship Bread and a portion of bread starter. This is the equivalent of a slightly tacky living chain letter, but I hope they got my sentiment: bread, friends, sharing.

Thank goodness for smart women. Thank goodness for lunch.


  1. I'm so jealous, Laura! Carrie, you're gonna have to stop by Madison on your next trip to the midwest. :-)

  2. Lovely - when are either of you next coming to the UK?

  3. You're right, Laura- you beat me home! The friendship bread is excellent by the way. I ate a piece on the way home.

    Harriet, Milwaukee has an Irish fest every August. Not that I usually need any more reasons to go, but if I do, I have one!

    Marcella, When I next make my way across the pond, rest assured I will find my way to your house.

  4. joyous and the recipe sounds bon appetite...

  5. No need to wait for Irish fest! You can all come on over to our abode for some Indian cuisine in Milwaukee-Wisconsin!


  6. Tracey,

    Oh I'm drooling already. There's an Indian restaurant that ended up opening with a 50s American diner. Same restaurant, same menu. So you can order a veggie samosa and a chocolate malt.

    I can't imagine wanting to, but you can!

  7. sorry for butting in carrie, 'but you can' challenge the imaginable and you might even enjoy it, decor an all!

  8. It really was a joy finally meeting Laura and her family. She's as gracious, warm and lovely as she sounds.

    The friendship bread was delicious and a wonderful sentiment. Thank goodness for friends like Laura and all you other lovely ladies...Harriet, Marcella, Carolin, and Tracey.

    hope (Carrie's Mom)

  9. Carolin,

    It's more of the combination of the samosa and malt that gets me. I have eaten both of them many times on their own, but I just don't know that I can stomach eating them together. It's kind of like putting ketchup on ice cream- though I have no doubt someone on Iron Chef would try that sometime.

  10. I get your gist carrie, chai would suit the palate a little more.

  11. Hope,
    I totally agree. Whilst not having the privilege that you and c have enjoyed, Laura's site has offered a rewarding and rich insight that is truly global and uniting.
    I'd love to try the bread but I think customs might frown on the food import?
    If you ever make it into the west I'd be happy to throw a surf and turf BBQ - so Aussie!
    (beef and prawns cooked on an open grill)

  12. I should mention that "Hope" is a perfect name for Mrs. Arnold.

    This is a family that has seen all sides of the eating disorder world and not given up.

    Hope is an Ironman competitor against ED. Or Iron Chef?

  13. Oh Laura, I love it. "Iron Chef". Maybe we should have gold cleavers instead of forks?

    I finished the bread- couldn't keep my hands off it! Only about a week longer until there's more. This is the best kind of chain letter.

    After my flight to NZ it might be a while until I can stomach (ha!) another long flight, but I will look you up when I get there. I have many friends from my trip to visit, too. Shrimp on the barbie? Niiiiiiiice. Wouldn't miss it! Will you have a chocolate malt to go with it? :)

  14. Laura,
    Thanks for the very kind words. Yes, even in the most severe cases, there is always "hope". Giving up is not an option. I know I have lots of company there.

    Iron Chef "Hope" versus ED...I have my cleaver ready!!

    Your surf and turf Aussie BBQ sounds wonderful!!

    I'm returning the invitation to you all to come and enjoy a Midwestern Comfort Food meal next time you are in Michigan.

  15. carrie :) chocolate malt of course unless you prefer the pale ale.

    Hope :) the invitation sounds great, thanks.


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