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For those interested in what goes on at the Maudsley Hospital Eating Disorders unit, there are two pirated videos at You Tube worth watching. They are both from the UK show, "Help Me Help My Child," one featuring a young boy, and another a teenage girl. (see sidebar for parts 2-4)

Groupies of the Family-Based Maudsley approach will notice quite a few differences between the manualized approach and the experiences of these families. Those used to the more traditional American approach will note many differences as well. Fascinating stuff. (Thank you, Claire, for pointing me to these videos!)


  1. This so brings it all back....

  2. I'm being driven wild(er!) by not being able to open the fourth section of the girl's story, but it is all very interesting. The rather challenging attitude of the therapist (to the ED and to us as parents to confront it) that we experienced with our team doesn't seem to be here. I wonder whether these were particularly quiet children whose parents agreed to have them filmed, and whether any fireworks occurred off screen, but as you say, an interesting look at some of the work done at the Maudsley

  3. I just wanted to say hello.

    I am not a mother of a child with an eating disorder. Although, I've had a son flirt with one.

    I am a mother with an eating disorder. 42, will be 43 next week. Next Tuesday, will be 7 years since I got help for the very first time, and my eating disorder started when I was 14. I was forced into help by doctors ... and didn't really start to cooperate with that help until a couple of years ago.

    It is scary to watch the teenagers today. My heart breaks as I realize the path they may be taking. They may wind up where I am ...if they even make it.

  4. Well, happy early birthday. And may your recovery continue and be sustained!
    Best wishes,


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