Mom of 11 year old son with anorexia starts her journey

I have, in the past five years, seen families perform miracles as they made sense of an eating disorder diagnosis, coped with setbacks, found a way, and got to work.

There is so much to learn, and often a lot of things to un-learn.

Yesterday I learned of a mother at the beginning of that journey, and read her blog, "Nourishing my son."

This mom has less to unlearn than a lot of people, and she is eagerly out there gathering information. Go visit her, and send your best wishes.


  1. It's wonderful that she's found your forum Laura! I know she's in good hands. Food is his medicine and at 11yrs. he's a growing boy so it will be an ongoing process.

  2. My relative has a ten year old boy with anorexia in hospital and is worried sick


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