Another kind of "feed"

So, you like the blog? But you don’t have time to keep coming to the web site, and you like to know as soon as possible when something is posted, right?

You have two options:

Or: subscribe by adding the blog to your “newsreader.” Don’t know what a newsreader is? Well, if you use Internet Explorer or Mozilla or Opera you have a newsreader included in your program. When you go to a web site or blog and you see a lovely orange square light up on your browser, just click it and follow the instructions. Your browser will let you know when a site updates its “feed.” Or sign up at or another web-based "reader" to follow all your favorite blogs (like the list to the right) without wasting time checking and rechecking.

What could be more appropriate than "feeds" when it comes to keeping up with eating disorders?


  1. It would be a "feed" that came with a milkshake. That's what a good ED blog needs. :)

  2. And hot cookies! Oh, and a footrub!

    Got to work on that.


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