2/3 of a cup of food is quite enough

Deepak Chopra has solved the thorny issue of eating disorders, thank goodness.

He says you need to tell the mirror you love yourself, eat when you are "empty," and stop when you are 2/3 full. Eureka.

Conveniently, he knows when your body is full enough, and offers a graphic to illustrate it: 2/3 of a cup.

Better make it of ground beef and not lettuce, I'm thinking.

With authorities like these, who needs the pro-ana web sites?

(truth: your stomach is not the size of a cup. Deepak Chopra does not know how much food you want or need. And eating disorder treatment is not an amateur sport.)


  1. There are some benefits to having an over cautions computer systems manager in the home - couldn't load the clip!

  2. That is love. Saving you from Paris Hilton, extreme pet tricks, and D. C.'s dubious cure for EDs!

  3. That is brilliance. Just...I'm bowled over by it.

    My goodness- what an ass. It's obvious he's never seen an eating disorder up close and personal. So either his "method" really does work, or he's just garden variety ignorant. I know which one I'm voting for.


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