Starving for information

If, as I do, you believe eating disorders are brain disorders that rob a patient of rational thought regarding food and eating, then this article will break your heart in ways the writer did not intend.

"Lancashire mum dies of anorexia."

This mother of three did not die of anorexia. It sounds as if she died of ignorance around her about the illness. If the article's reporting is to be believed, the family lost a "loving, kind and selfless mum" without being given even basic knowledge of the disease.

"I never found out the reason why Maxine was anorexic and I don't think the people who were looking after her in Bury could get to the bottom of it."

The persistent belief that a patient must find some reason behind the eating disorder in order to recover is a relic, and a dangerous one. Families need education in the dynamics of eating disorders and malnutrition. Patients need recently-trained clinicians who will relieve them of decisions they are biologically unable to make. This woman did not fail; the world failed her.


  1. You are so right. Whether it is anorexia or obesity, the world's attitude is that the person is some kind of loser who needs to get their attitude adjusted. This mentality is cruel and mean and no doubt an unknown number of humans have perished since the beginning of time due to the lack of concern or compassion that is shown even by the medical professionals.


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