Parents want $150K, I think they need better clinicians

Does this family need to raise $150,000 to send their nine-year old daughter to a residential treatment center?

Maybe they need to get a second opinion from a clinician who doesn't say "you can't just make them eat."

Zero to 60. This family seems only to have been given two speeds: let her starve at home because she has a "coping" problem, or separate her from her family for months to be magically cured.

Watch this video, then decide: are you going to send them a check or send them to a Family-Based Maudsley therapist or treatment center. This family is surely going to think I'm a quack, but if they are contacted by enough people they may be able to rise above the Sales Department at the treatment center and seek evidence-based care. It is worth a try.


  1. Laura,

    I tried to post on the MySpace site and send them to your site/book/forum, but I'm not registered.

    I'm horribly sad for that family. Not just because their lovely daughter is suffering from a deadly disease, but because no one has given them different care options. Options that work and that have science behind them.


  2. The only contact I've found is through the myspace page, I'm afraid. I registered yesterday just to send a message to the family. It is free, and all they need is an email address and password. You can always delete it afterward. If I get a response from the family or find another contact I'll post it here.

  3. I tried to get into the MySpace login, but the system seems to be really slow, that or my computer, bugger:(

    You know, I'm beginning to wonder if there is a sudden surge in pushing for the #'s in residential centers lately... that's all we've been hearing, over and over, gotta keep that $$ going and use these kids as experimental rats- I'm sorry to be so damn blunt, but ths child is 9!! All that money and energy can be better utilized vs thrown off the roof for way too many unknowns, and potentially worsening of symptoms/behaviors picked up by other patients... again this girl is 9!!

    Surely there has got to be someone in TN that has the gumption, compassion, and dedication to help this family avoid disaterous IP lock-up for a child this young.

    You're right Laura, there is absolutely no more "magic", fairy-dust, and sprinkles that the dozens of staff, many who are not adequately/appropriately trained, care about full recovery, and let me emphasize- RECOVERY vs repeated relapse(s) outcomes, empathize, or are monitoring the daily behavior of other patients, and the seriously overlooked negative impact this has on an ED sufferers under the age of 18.

    "Exposure meals" without the family- group therapy, (what if your child is shy and not particularly outgoing with strangers to begin with- oh, the recipe for continued disaster is so blatantly obvious), many of those centers are only going to prolong and increase particularly unhealthy behaviours with a group of ED patients and inconsistent staff. Horse-riding, ArtTherapy? I think you can take that chunk of a down-payment and apply the $$ to those extras individually to suit your child's needs if necessary- the idea is great, but not worthy of locking up your child and warehousing them for continuous billing, or to have your family suffer bankruptcy and/or debt for too many unknowns. Don't be fooled...

    Please, someone tell me, SHOW me documented proven statistics and evidence, not those damn glitzy brochures and unchecked, thoroughly pre-screened centers that clinicians, social workers, therapists just throw off their tongues because someone else said so-and-so, or that they don't want to step on anyone's toes to be boldy honest and truthful about what goes on in those places when you sign away your children, and trust someone else to do what needs to be done and CAN be done by parents, caregivers, family, etc.

    Parents can and should be empowered, educated, and FULLY supported to help their loved ones, not shut out, manipulated out of the recovery process for financial gain- this is such a sham. For every 1 patient that might have found help in these facilities, you have 10 others, (even former staff members, etc.), that will have plenty of the opposite to share with you re what goes on in these "treatment" centers... buyer beware! This is big business, and some of these centers are just booming and expanding like you would not believe, so choose carefully if you have no other options, ask plenty of questions, get all the facts, tour unannounced, pay attention to all those subtle details and all the sing-song things they will tell you, completely different picture when the doors close and lock, and you are not there; if you don't feel right, it's probably NOT right.

    What I'm not able to understand is why all the chiming/recommending and $$ poured into these costly big residential centers? Why not put that money and effort into better FBT/Maudsley resources and trainings, etc. family/parental support groups? Why does this archaic and mostly barbaric form of treating ED's within IP/OP residential centers still hang around like a crusty old scab? Let the sun, wind, and fresh air get in, put some new perspective and thinking on board, offer families the real help they need and deserve damnit!


  4. It seems that as long as a child returns back home to a family that "can't make her eat" they will be doomed to failure even if they sent them to Laura's home where I know she'd lovingly force the food. : )
    Parents need to learn that they don't need to fear that they are harming their children by re-feeding. I suspect that this is a huge part of what goes wrong. Fear.

    How can we help them if they don't know that there are options? FBT nannies paid by medical insurance? I'd support anything that helps a parent struggling and gives a child/teen/adult the best chance at home recovery. Next I'd support whatever it takes.. so long as my child wasn't an object of research and was being helped!
    Perhaps it's time to get mean and demand that it's part of a patients rights to know about another way to treat anorexia, a way that will empower the family to continue the guidance as their young child continues to grow in this case.
    I honestly think we need to get the message out there LOUDER! I first saw the author of A Secret Language Of ED's on Oprah. It was years ago but I remember how she lovingly insisted they eat. I was quite impressed that someone had answers even if I don't agree that parents need to take a backseat as she suggest in her book. Regardless of one's opinion of her I think we need to use the media to shout out what we know. It's time to tell the truth that most often not eating is just that, not eating, and the way to treat it with food. Ideally a medical Dr. will access that there's not a physical reason first. If there are other things to work on then do it but don't put food second on the list.
    Sadly it sounds like this family has been guided by the T they've chosen to help them. It's too bad that this is the kind of news that people take as fact.
    Some people work hard and earn their livings honestly while others steal it at the expense of others. Since a Dr. and therapist are paid BEFORE we are well we can expect that they may sometimes have an agenda. Shame on them for risking a child's life while they TALK about how come you don't feel like eating.
    We really need to hold the medical world accountable for this type of nonsense. We'd do more for puppies and kittens! A drop at a time but we'd fatten them up and help them thrive.


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