NEDA Conference San Diego Oct 4

I hope to see as many parents as possible at the upcoming National Eating Disorders Association conference in San Diego, themed "Eating Disorders Come in All Shapes and Sizes." This will be my 4th NEDA conference, and I find it better each time. It is well-organized, well-attended, and broad-based.

I was invited, to my great delight, by the team at the University of California San Diego's Eating Disorder Program to be part of a presentation on Friday afternoon on Family-Based Maudsley treatment. Harriet Brown, the journalist who told her powerful story of her daughter's early recovery in the New York Times Magazine, will also be on the panel.

Led by Dr. Walter Kaye, the UCSD team offers a unique 5-Day Intensive training for the entire family, followed by coordinated support from a team in the patient's home town. I believe this approach to supporting families through the early stages of recovery is an innovation sorely needed.

Early-bird registration for the conference ends August 29. But you can register any time up to the first day. One-day entrance is also available.

If you are coming to the conference, do let me know. Let me shake your hand and hear your story. I'm the curly-haired lady with the little fork on her lapel, asking everyone she meets whether they've ever heard of Maudsley.


  1. Have a wonderful time. Sorry I can't be there.

  2. Laura,

    Say hi to my homeboy for me! I can't afford to go to that and another more professional conference (for me), so alas.

    And fork pin on your lapel? I want to see a necklace, woman! ;)


  3. Oh, Carrie, absolutely!!!

    see what Carrie made:

  4. Go Laura! Carry the torch, ah, fork, for the rest of us!


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