CLOCK gene

One interesting line of research connects mental illness to dysfunction of of circadian rhythms.

Circadian rhythms involve the way the body and brain function at different times of day. We don't simply run like refrigerators or thermometers off and on at will: we shut down some systems for sleep and rev up different systems in the early morning than in the afternoon. It is a complex system and therefore vulnerable to hiccups and major malfunction.

Some researchers think bipolar illness and depression, for example, could be related to problems with how the circadian system operates. And preliminary research is exploring whether certain mutations of the CLOCK gene might lead to more severe cases of anorexia and bulimia.
"These findings, although preliminary, suggest that the 3111T/C polymorphism of the CLOCK gene does not play a major role in the genetic vulnerability to AN and BN, but it seems to predispose eating disorders (EDs) patients to a more severe lifetime body weight loss."


  1. This is interesting in light of the fact the many kids lose sleep when they start reaching their teens and needing to awaken at 5am for school but still wanting to be up later at night.(rites of passage?)
    Wonder if the gene is mutated or if we break it under stress?
    What happens to those who have night owl clocks and is that broken or are some people meant to be up watching the world when I sleep? I'm a morning bird.
    Video games, school pressures,and life stresses may need to be re-thunk! Part of anxieties, sleep depriving little devils, may be beliefs that need to change.
    And change is so simple yet so hard for all of us.
    So, is the clock gene mutated or did we break it?
    I'm all for less pressure and more living fully according to our own plan.

  2. "less pressure and more living fully according to our own plan"

    SO true and SO wise!

  3. Very true Mary - as you know recently our family have been forced to live more simply and to concentrate on the basics - and it's been so good for us. Most of all we have slept better.

  4. It's funny how your situation Marcella, gave you an excuse to stop being worried about all the chores and cooking. I love how your 'girl power' team worked together, probably quite naturally and without notice.
    I know that when I know there's a storm coming in which we might lose power I get extra busy thinking that if I don't do something I might have to live with it for days. It's amazing how motivated I am at such times.
    Real balance is an art, one which we'd do well to cultivate.


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