Living Life Without "ED"

Last night I attended a talk by Jenni Schaefer, the author of "Life Without ED."

I'm honored to call Jenni a friend, and always tear up when I see her connect with a room of people. She's honest, funny, and smart. Driving home in the dark from the talk - which I attended with my daughter and my son - I had time to really ponder what it is about Jenni's message that sets it apart.

Jenni is all about recovery. Of course she talks about illness - boldly, unsparingly, and bravely - but it is really about recovery: getting there, and staying there.

Hers is the only book by an ED patient I've ever given my daughter. Too much of the ED literature and media is about scaring, titillating, gloating, and justifying illness. Jenni is about engaging, working, bravery, and getting better.

Thank you, Jenni, for all the good you are doing and for living the example.


  1. I feel honored to be able to call Jenni a friend. Truly honored. She's a wonderful person.


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