New York Times essay on Maudsley

Coincidence? I think not:

The same day that the author, Harriet Brown, socks it to anorexia in a New York Times essay on Maudsley....

"Anorexia Nervosa goes on hiatus." (Okay, this AN is a metal music band, but still. It seems fitting.)

Brown's deeply felt, unflinchingly told essay will tell readers more about this illness than they've ever heard. And for a change, readers will hear the truth. This is a great day for families, and a rotten day for eating disorders.

For more about Harriet Brown's work, check out her blog, "Love, Food & Money."

Me, I'm off to buy a bushel of New York Times papers!


  1. Thank you for sharing the NY Times article. Mrs. Brown's experience is so similar to the one our family is in the middle of right now. It's an encouragement to read how others have overcome this "demon" as she refers to it. The Maudsley method is the approach we have chosen for our daughter. I am always eager to read anything about it especially when it involves those who have made it to the other side!


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