Food for the Ears

On Thanksgiving we Yanks do a lot of food stuff, so for the holiday some more stuffing for your poor neglected ears:

Got sense? Well Dr. Walter Kaye and Dr. Craig Johnson have packed enough of it into an hour to satisfy: "Why Do They Keep Doing It: How the Brain Drives Eating Disordered Thoughts and Behaviors" was presented at the September 2006 NEDA conference. You can get it in MP3 or on CD for $5, and you'll savor every byte.

Dr. Cris Haltom describes the Maudsley approach in an appetizing way that will help parents or professionals interested in an overview. VERY practical and realistic. Nutritious, too. Haltom is a real advocate for parents, and clearly believes that therapists and families can collaborate well. This download from the Eating Disorder Hope Virtual Library will set you back $7, thereby saving you $83 for an introductory hour of therapy. You WILL understand what the Maudsley approach is after hearing this. Still hungry? Get some more coaching and encouragement by downloading my lecture, too.

And here's an oldie-but-goodie from 2001 at the Maudsley Hospital, a debate on the cause of eating disorders: "Fashion Victims" is moderated by Dr. Janet Treasure and features Kenn Nunn on the topic of scapegoating the media. Riveting.


  1. Welcome to the world of blogging (OK I'm fairly sure that you are not new to it but I bet you don't spend QUITE as much of your life on line as I do).
    I've just popped in to whet my appetite but I'll be back for the full course later

  2. Um I know this is an insanely old post, but if you ever read it (or just go back and read this comment), could you please calm down with the food-related words?

    I'm trying to deal with anorexia right now and I'm going through one of my "I might want to recover... maybe..." phases with it and I was reading this to see if I wanted to show it to my mom, but it's really hard to concentrate on the content with all the language you're using.

  3. Anonymous, I think this was my very FIRST blog post! And yes, I do use a lot of food talk - for a reason. I think we do have to discuss food, eat food, be unafraid of food. I hope you do refer your mother to the blog, though. I'd love to help - I want you to recover!


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