Join families around the world for a friendly competition to help fund our support for families facing eating disorders!!

Tickled to share the news that TODAY is the day that the Newman's Own Challenge begins and we're going to need every one of you to help. We know money is tight, but F.E.A.S.T. does not take donations or sponsorships from treatment providers (which is usually how ED advocacy is funded) because we never want parents to feel marketed to or influenced by corporate concerns.

That means we need donations from families just like you, and me, to keep this site and our services going. Every little bit counts. And this Challenge puts us into eligibility for prizes from Newman's Own, so we need your boosts to help us WIN. And we want, in this holiday season, for you to reach out not just to other parents with the same issues but tell friends and family and colleagues and community members.

You can donate, and you can create a team to gather donations, and you can spread the word on social media like Facebook and Twitter.

This is how WE help YOU, my friends.

And please, please, check out the videos of parents around the world just like you about F.E.A.S.T. being there for them in hard times. Including me! [59fe77271f4a2_900x600]


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