new video describing the family experience of anorexia nervosa

There's a new video out there for parents facing an anorexia nervosa diagnosis:

I love seeing content being created by parents for parents. These parents have done a wonderful job describing their experience and what they have learned. It is a compassionate, respectful, and meaningful view of their daughters as well.

There is much here to learn from these parents that applies to ALL eating disorders, and of course to male patients as well. Although they are not addressing adult patients in the film I also see this as in principle a grounding view of all eating disorders.

Congratulations to Parents to Parents!


  1. Thank you so much for posting this video. It speaks the truth so well of the awfulness and loneliness of Anorexia but also gives the bright light of real and attainable recovery. As a parent it is a great reminder of the hope of recovery which we strive for.

  2. Fantastic! I do wish they didn't use the term "anorexia" so often and included other eating disorders or even made sure to say that "Anorexia" really does include subclinical-anorexia presentations too.... b/c a barrier I forsee for a lot of parents I know of when watching this video is they might say, "but i don't think my kid quite has anorexia." Nevertheless, I will share the video and share my two cents about how there's a lot to take from this regardless of diagnosis and also regardless of severity of AN, and regardless of child's weight, etc.


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