Principles and Scenarios, and a Bungee Jump

Staying calm and consistent while caring for a loved one suffering from an eating disorder, that is the question. I've spent a decade being shouty about the WHY and the WHAT parents can do. I've been more cautious about the HOW. The truth is: parents want the HOW. NOW.

So, Eva Musby, another parent writer, has rolled out the HOW that so many families are begging for in a new book. She does so with wonderful analogies, references, and some mad animation skills. Check out her video:

In a perfect example of how Musby has thought through what you, the parent, need and are going to ask, she's worked out all the formats you might want to access the book!

Here's what I like best. I have observed, over the years, a growing knowledge base in the parent community. Parents are sharing what they've experienced and tools they've stumbled on and sharing them with others. There is no formula for all, no recipe that will work for more than one family - but what a parent does need is a pantry to walk into and read ingredients and pick up ladles and pans - this book is like that pantry. Dip in anywhere -- and there is a lot here - and find a concept or a tool you would probably only stumble over long after you needed it.

Thank you, Eva, for taking your experience and listening to others -- to other families, to the professionals, to the literature.

And thank you so much for the Bungee Jump analogy!


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