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I am a big supporter of the Eating Disorders Coalition. EDC is actively -- and successfully -- doing for all of us in the US what we hope is being done when we wake up down the Rabbit Hole in ED land: advocating for better research, training, treatment, and action on the legislative level.

This letter from EDC today movingly explains WHAT each of us can do, and WHY.

I just hung up from making MY call. I did something today. It took 60 seconds. PLEASE join me, and leave a comment below on why.

Dear EDC Member Organizations – 

If you think back to why you became a Member of the Eating Disorders Coalition, my guess is that many of you joined because you wanted to DO SOMETHING to fight back against these insidious disorders we call eating disorders.  I’m right there with you! I want to DO SOMETHING to help diffuse and transform the hell these disorders bring to far too many.  Today and tomorrow we have an opportunity to DO SOMETHING that will positively impact our entire field and every school-aged child in our Nation.  This opportunity involves school-based BMI screening, surveillance and reporting. 
Last week, as a result of Lobby Day, we garnered a commitment from Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to make changes to the school-based BMI screening protocols, but in order for that to happen we need Members of Congress to sign their name to a letter that instructs CDC what to do.  This letter is called a Dear Colleague letter.  The “DO SOMETHING” I’m asking of you is: make one phone call to your Member of Congress and ask them to sign their name to the Dear Colleague letter by Monday, October 27, 2014.   

I know you are all very busy.  You have my word that I wouldn’t ask you to take time to DO SOMETHING if this weren’t a goal that we can accomplish, together.  And, I wouldn’t ask you to make a call if each and every phone call weren’t super important. Every call makes a difference (and the opposite is equally true).  Rarely does our Coalition have an opportunity like this…let’s not let it pass us by.  Let’s DO SOMETHING. 

Here’s how to make your call: 

THANK YOU so very much. ~Kathleen
_________________________________________Kathleen MacDonald, Policy & Communications Director Eating Disorders Coalition for Research, Policy & Action (EDC)
For a recap and pictures of the historic 1st M.O.M. March (Mothers & Others March) on DCand EDC National Lobby Day, click here:  recap: video: http://youtube/j5EpQazGxuE

Direct Dial: 202.802.0777 Website: www.eatingdisorderscoalition.orgFB: EDCoalition1  


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