What is this? HAPPY where?

OK, I am about to make a bunch of parents cry by showing them some dancing. Are you ready, friends?

First, I want you to watch this fun bunch of co-workers. Try to figure out from the video what their industry is: insurance? coffee export? hair products?

Then I want you to enjoy this delightful group of their clients. They seem very, well, HAPPY with the services, whatever they are.
And then I will tell you that the first are the staff at an eating disorder center in Italy. And the second: the parents of the clients. You have to be the parent of an eating disorder patient to get how profound these videos are. You would have to have looked into the eyes of your ill child and wondered if they would live to appreciate how welcome this much JOY and letting loose can be. You would have to have been subjected to all the grim and dire and horrid documentaries and news stories which, rightly, let us know how very scary and dangerous eating disorders are -- to know how needed and life-giving it is to see families take a moment of joyous movement together.

Take that ED. Take that Disturbi del Comportamento Alimentare in any language!

And brava, Palazzo Francisci - and grazie!

Special thanks to my friend, Shan Guisinger, for first sharing these with me.


  1. Carlie C Tartakov3:14 PM, August 31, 2014

    I am happily proud of you, for all you do!

  2. This is awesome! It is so positive to see such an inclusive and fun environment like this in regards to ED recovery! Very inspiring indeed-
    Roodie Halflight (Anya)

  3. This makes me so joyful. We should all take a long look at this and try to incorporate some of that joy into our lives!


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