She is dancing toward recovery and for Charlotte's Helix!

You all know how I love to dance, and to share dancing with others. You can imagine my smile and delight at a new friend's idea to spread the word on Charlotte's Helix through dance. Join me in celebrating this young woman's project and the joyful energy she brings to it! Thank you, Anya, for this guest post:

Charlotte’s Helix Project, by Anya

I heard about ‘Charlotte’s Helix’ through a fellow campaigner who I was in contact with. I was overwhelmed by the positive and collective support that was available there. Discovering Charlotte Bevan’s foundation was a lifeline for me because it helped to not only to connect me to alot of online support but it also allowed me to realise how many other people out there had similar experiences or were struggling with the same problems and utilising similar strategies to do so.

Out of gratitude for Charlotte, along with a friend, I donated a dance. However odd it may seem to donate such a thing, it seemed fitting to me. Part of recovery is about reconnecting with positive forms of self-expression. I have always found that dance is an amazing way to celebrate and express what it is to be human.

This small act has led other people getting involved. For example, friends composed music for the dance ensemble, and fellow campaigners offered their DNA to the genetics study. I am now continuing the process of honouring Charlotte’s legacy by finding other dancers to join me in creating choreography that express their identity. An eating disorder does NOT have to define you and through this donation project I found a way of redefining myself. Consequently, I have learnt to delve into new and nurturing ways to support my wellbeing.

I invite anyone who is reading this to join the #DanceYourWayToRecovery# project and donate a dance today.  You don’t need to be the next Darcey Bussel; it is just about having fun and donating to a good cause.

Let the silliness begin!


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