give hope, get hope

Give hope, get hope, with Project Hope Exchange:

For an interview with Jeff Bell, A2A Founder, please listen to this recent radio interview. And if you listen very carefully you may even hear another voice you recognize!


  1. What a wonderful idea and an incredible resource! Thanks for sharing this! I hope you don't mind if I share it on my blog as well. Gotta spread the hope! :)

  2. They have a great site! One thing I noticed though was that on the website for Project Hope Exchange, "Eating Disorders" is listed under the category of Life Challenges, not Mental Health. I emailed the creators of the site, A2A and Life Vest Inside, to urge them to consider moving Eating Disorders to the appropriate category of Mental Health.

  3. Good call, Danielle! Thank you so much for doing that - I didn't realize.


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