Brava, Cate! Welcome to ASPIRE

There's a new player in the ED support world: ASPIRE: Adults Supporting Peers In Recovery from Eating disorders.

As the founder, Cate, describes:

...a safe place that belongs just to us. Just to adults with EDs. I see organisations out there which offer education, advice and support for the health professionals who work in the eating disorder field, and I did find wonderful group called FEAST (and the extra wonderful Laura) - an organisation set up for parents of children with EDs - but no appropriate space for those of us actually living this. 

When we founded ATDT and F.E.A.S.T. we wanted a space FOR parents, but we have always recognized our fellowship with adult patients who wanted a similar kick-a$$ attitude and focus on good science and treatment and a true belief in full recovery. The question has come up over and over: where is that support for adult patients?

Being adults we have unique issues. We are responsible for our own recovery. We need to keep appointments, make and eat meals, take medication, and often also take care of our families at the same time. All while the outside world is portraying us as "victims of media", or a "diet gone too far". And I strongly believe that nothing will change if we don't change it. Our lives will not get better, public understanding of our illness will not get better, and medical care available to us will not get better.

I welcome ASPIRE to the support sphere, to the Interwebs, and look forward to being a supporter just as our adult patient friends have supported the parent community.


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