Who is Jenny, what is a PITA mom, and why each starfish matters

So, if you read my new book with Charlotte Bevan you know that we have different but complementary ways of being activists. Charlotte "throws" beached starfish and I try to get the sea to come back up and revive them all.

There is a unique project going on right now around one "starfish" that you may be interested in.

It involves an eating disorder patient who has no family support on the ground. So, a group of moms around the world have adopted her. They support her through meals by Skype, they advocate for her with doctors, and they are campaigning on her behalf with the insurance company.

Honestly, I've never seen anything like it. It's extraordinary in every sense.

Want to help? Go to the Facebook page for the project and fire up your Twitter account (or start one, already, it matters).

Want to know what "PITA" stands for? You'll have to go see.


  1. Thank you Laura xxxxx Very grateful - Maed Pita Mum G :-)

  2. Aww, thank you Laura for passing this message along. I love you!!!

    To everyone: Not only will you be helping me, but you will be helping millions of others. Let's speak up and say NO IS NOT IN OUR VOCABULARY!!!

  3. Educating and advocating together! I am proud to be a PITA in the company of such awesome advocates, including you, Laura!

  4. Always good to see people supporting those who need it.

  5. This is fantastic and I truly hope it's helpful and that it works. Very unlucky to be in the position of needing the support, but very lucky to have such wonderful people willing to support.

    It makes me want to smile and cry all at the same time. Best of luck to you and use those mums because they clearly care so very much about you and that's a wonderful gift to have.

    NewFoundWings - Becky. xxxxx

  6. Thank you Laura! This is so special for Jenny and others who are suffering from this illness as I lost my own daughter. We must advocate! Bless you..Founder MAED and PITA MOM ..Debra Schlesinger

  7. Thank you Laura and Bless you for bringing so much awareness ! Very grateful indeed! Jenny Rocha is an incredible young woman who deserves a life!

    Debra Schlesinger..Founder of MAED and PITA MOM

  8. http://www.newyorker.com/online/blogs/books/2013/12/anorexia-the-impossible-subject.html

  9. Thank you Laura for your lovey words of encouragement. Being a PITA mom is amazing and I'm so thankful to have this opportunity. To have been chosen by Jenny and working along side these other amazing PITA mom's is truly a blessing. PITA MOM...Lisa Guimont

  10. Thank you Laura for the kind words of encouragement.
    Proud PITA Mom Lisa G


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