Virtual lobbyists don't get blisters!

The most important rules for the Eating Disorders Coalition Lobby Day are:

  1. Be yourself
  2. Wear comfortable shoes

Well, I'm missing Lobby Day today, which pains me, but I get to participate anyway and hope you will, too!

EDC is encouraging us to be "Virtual Lobbyists." It doesn't take any particular skill or shoes - just about 10 minutes of your day. AND IT MATTERS.

Follow the simple instructions on EDC's blog, and make sure that when our friends who are IN Washington today visiting their Congress members they are doing so with your stated support. Each person, and every phone call, and every email really do get counted and are understood to represent many others.

Virtual lobbyists, wiggle your toes and get on it - I just wrote to my Representative. Contact yours and then say so below!


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