On cat

"Can you chat?" said I, on hearing the news.
"In car" she explained.
but her autocorrect preferred "On cat," which perplexed me no end, struggling for interpretation and an appropriate response.
"Bloody autocorrect!"

There is no good time for bad news, I suppose. But when we can still "LOL" over autocorrect, there is life.


  1. she may have been "on cat" but the wonderful woman to whom you are referring is no mouse. Here's to many years of LOLing over autocorrect and its successors

  2. A bright moment in an otherwise yucky day. I really did snigger out loud.

  3. "Struggling for interpretation and an appropriate response" just about sums up life really. It certainly feels better to be able to laugh instead of cry and autocorrect can be manna from heaven for those of us not naturally gifted in good one liners on such occasions! Glad to hear it made you snigger Charlotte - best medicine and all that.

  4. Best laugh of the day, on cat or off. Thanks!

    Meeowwww >^..^<

  5. I clicked on this entry again and my cat jumped on my bed (where I'm sitting to do some online work and play). :D


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