The meek are not blessed, they are just meek.

I am fortunate, in the normal course of my days, to observe the learning process and developing wisdom of caregiving parents.

This mother blogger, caring for her dear daughter, describes so well her challenge of asserting herself in her daughter's care:

" I realise I have become a little meek when faced with the clinic staff. I wait for their decisions about my daughter. But she is my daughter and sometimes I know better. She is not ill because we have a dysfunctional home or a poor relationship. She is ill because she is ill and this is in spite of the close relationship with her family and a happy home. I call the clinic and tell her primary nurse that I have an alternative proposal. "

at One More Mum's Blog.


  1. Why must the medical profession label the parent?
    My daughter was hospitalized because she was ill. I was there to support and learn all that I could to help my daughter. Only to be given the label " Grizzly Bear Mother." looking after her cub.
    Sometimes it's a concerned parent asking questions or looking for professinal accountablilty. When faced with challenging and un-natural course of a day.

  2. Hi Laura, thanks for the link! I should add that the clinic agreed with me totally and then changed arrangements so we had weekly face to face discussions about L's care. It's not just the medical staff, sometimes we are so exhausted or used to deferring to authority that we don't stand up and challenge.

  3. Too true, Bonnie and onemoremum!!


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