Do you realise how much strength, and how much bravery it takes to ask for help?

We can all wax poetic and rail away in frustration at how misguided eating disorder treatment often is and how challenging the illness is but frankly, is it not a greater problem that there are so few resources of ANY kind out there?

In my community there are no eating disorder specialists at all. There are no psychiatric facilities for at least an hour's drive and those are small and lack any eating disorder support. There is no eating disorder inpatient clinic for almost two hours away. There are waiting lists for most clinics and that's assuming there is insurance or personal funds to pay for it. I live very close to a major US city.

For most of the world it isn't a matter of what methodology or modality or training or family involvement it is a matter of there being no treatment at all.

This moving, wonderfully written story, out of Australia, is harrowing. This is true almost everywhere, folks.

What I see out there is that some people are fighting for ANY kind of treatment and feel undermined by those of us who are asking about the quality or content of that treatment. These people are rightly concerned that families have no resources at all.

But people like me don't want to be supportive of treatment that is misguided or even part of the system of unsuccessful and undermining treatment that exists. There is an obvious way to resolve this, of course. We need to ally together and insist on both: availability and standards. Unfortunately, I don't see that happening because the two sides of this debate don't see one another as allies.


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