Decoding Anorexia: the book, and the necessity

Have you heard? Carrie Arnold's newest book, Decoding Anorexia, has been released.

I was fortunate enough to read it in advance, and have already posted my Amazon review.

Now, it's up to us. She's done her job getting the very science and analysis that all of us want out there. Books need readers. Books need reviews, posts, to be put on lists, links, and the author needs to be invited to talk about it. Books need Facebook friends and Twitter Tweets and Amazon reviews. Books don't just walk off shelves and put themselves in baskets, they aren't sitting on soda fountain stools waiting to be discovered. There are hundreds of thousands of books published every year and if a book is going to make it to the eyes of readers who need it they need the collective wave of readers to move it up and out and far. This book deserves to cry and say "You LIKE me! You really LIKE me!" and weep a bit.

If you are, like me, a fan of Carrie's blog and writing, we have our job to do. BUY the book (I always buy two-three copies of any friend's book). Read the book: it isn't the usual and it goes deeper and with more insight than you expect. Review the book in at least two places - it matters! Suggest the book to those you agree with who will like it AND those you don't agree with and know will be challenged by it. And tell Carrie. People forget that authors are actually people like us. Authors like to hear from readers: that's the POINT. We even like to hear from critics.

So: buy, read, recommend, and email. You have your instructions.


  1. My pre-ordered book is in the mail!!! I'll be sitting in the driveway waiting for Mr. Fedex the way my kids did for Harry Potter!

  2. Got the book yesterday, stayed up all night, reviewed on Amazon this morning and will blog later. Carrie rocks.


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