Nominate or create: eating disorder film festival!

Tired of wailing and bemoaning wrong and unhelpful media depictions of eating disorders?

Worry that your head will explode if you have to see another distorted mirror image or "painfully thin" girl illustrating a story on eating disorder? Review all the depictions of mothers and fathers associated with eating disorders: do they reflect what YOU know? Well, here's your chance to take a stand:

Nominate or create a film clip or slideshow on the theme of our 2012 Alexandria conference, "There's No Place Like Home."

Five clips will be chosen to be viewed at the conference and then posted online.

Nominate or create!!


  1. Temptation to nominate C&M films must be resisted - very unBritish to blow one's own trumpet

  2. Nominate or CREATE, dear one. Of course you can submit one of yours!


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