should mother keep son's girlfriend's bulimia a secret?

received by email:

Greetings Ms Collins: I came across your Feast Ed site when looking up some information.  I applaud your approach, which seems very common sense, and also appears backed by scientific evidence.

There is a Motherlode blog posting in today's New York Times:

that you may want to respond to.   There are several aspects to that piece that even I, who know little about eating disorders, but am a parent, think is misleading or just misguided.  All best


Thank you, SS!


  1. I read the NYT story as well. It is a tough choice but I think the best thing to do is inform the girls parents. It may be tough but if it were your child, you would want to know. Plus if the girl is purging at your house and you know it, you are complicit in her negative behaviours. Besides, there is already a generation of disordered eating (you can read about that at ) so lets not contribute further.


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