More later, but home from the American Academy for Pediatrics annual conference in Boston and unpacking clothes, receipts, mementoes, notes, and growing insights. GREAT trip for several reasons and for the impact it is having on my thinking on a larger scale.

Met so many people, strangers and friends, that my interpersonal nerves are numb. For egoistic reasons, one moment comes to mind this morning and made me sit down and write this unabashed humble brag:

An adolescent medicine specialist came up to me after a meeting where F.E.A.S.T. was introduced and told the woman I was talking with that my blog was famous and a "go to" source - and that people worried about getting on my bad side!

Aww. No way! I'm really very nice, I promise!

(but thank you - what writer doesn't want someone to say that at least once? still smiling.)


  1. Laura, I'm smiling from ear to ear and something that struck almost from the moment I encountered you, feast and your blog. Your are an intelligent, loving, compassionate knowledge seeking advocate for the people. You surround yourself with the same. It is because of your passion and determination to not only seek the truth but to evoke intelligent conversation which has in turn moved the wheels of change. And the movement grows! If it comes in the face of fear of exposure for lack of knowledge or change, then so be it!

  2. Ha, Laura, I just met you and I'm wondering do you even have a "bad side"? Raye-Ann


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