What could the Worldwide Charter mean for families around the world?

You may not have heard of the Worldwide Charter for Action on Eating Disorders yet, but I'm hoping you will hear more and more of it and help me and others spread the word.

The Charter was created by an international group of people concerned with eating disorders - families, clinicians, researchers, activists - in response to an outcry for positive change. An international questionnaire discovered six common themes throughout the world and the collaboration created six Rights Of People With Eating Disorders And Their Carers and went on to publish the Charter for free use throughout the world.
Now it is our job - all of us - to learn, to facilitate, to DEMAND these rights.

I volunteer for the Academy for Eating Disorders Worldwide Charter Task Force because I believe in the Charter. I want to see these principles and rights enacted everywhere. We need your help. I am asking you a favor.
Read the Charter and then: 

Send your story of how one of the Rights listed was important to your loved one's care. Alternately, tell us how one of the Rights, if followed, would have changed the care your family received. Tell us why the Charter matters, and some way it could be enacted in your country.Send your story to me to bring to the Charter Task Force. Send it in an email, or a blog comment, or a video clip. Send it as soon as you can so we can include it in a short film we are creating to help people understand the Charter and how it can be used - and why it is needed. 


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