Watching chemo work

Wow. Watch chemotherapy stomp out cancer:

Breathtaking! Let the dust fly, arms wave, heels slam down.

Go, Charlotte. GO, Charlotte! Whoop, whoop!


  1. That is the most wonderful piece of dancing I have seen. Thank you, Laura. What utter joy. Will be playing that every day.

  2. Absolutely beautiful! Laura, for the first minute I totally thought this was you!

    Charlotte, I'll be picturing this as the chemo stomps the cancer out of your body.

    Hope you are feeling better and feeling all the healing energy coming to you from around the world.
    Becky Henry

  3. What a beautiful image Laura. Charlotte, if love & gratitude (& sheer bloody-mindedness!) could get you through, you wouldn't need chemo but here's to your 90%.


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