happy earthquake day

Well, that was interesting.

I was sitting in my living room on my computer (surprise, surprise) and heard my washer start that wham-wham-wham it does when I put too big a blanket in there. But the washer wasn't on.

I realized that it was the furnace - directly below me in the basement - fixing to explode. The whole house was banging and shuddering louder and louder and I fled out the door but still felt the shuddering under my bare feet.

Then I saw my neighbors coming out of their houses all using the universal arm motion meaning "WTF?"

And then it was obvious that it was an earthquake. Funny: the event took less than a minute but the recounting and talking about it went on for a half hour. At first I assumed it was completely local - just our street - but then realized it was much more widespread. Then it took three hours to find everyone in the family - phones were not working, then lines were overloaded, then just not going through.

The dog wasn't bothered, by the way. Followed me out the door at a saunter, went to sit in the sun.

Family and friends shaken but uninjured - thank goodness. Quite a day. Damage being counted in the region, but we're okay - thank goodness.

P.S. They cancelled school for tomorrow to inspect the buildings. Son thinks earthquakes rock!


  1. "earthquakes rock!"
    They sure do!

  2. I slept right through it! ROFL.

    I did hear it on the news this morning and spent the next hour trawling on Facebook to make sure you, your family and my other dear friends in Virginia were OK.

    Hugs from across the ocean. xx

  3. So glad you're okay.

    Really hoping you don't get a hurricane.


  4. Well, Malia, you would know about storms!


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