A family tale

A terrific news story from a wonderful family... who I'm proud to know:

THIS is the kind of story that helps other families envision working together against the illness instead of wallowing in anger and guilt and cowering in fear of the disorder. The mother saw the illness as just that, and herself as a parent as just that. It's work, but it is work that is possible and is for the patient's best interests. Later, the patient is free from the illness and able to think more clearly.

This is an empowered family, and a young woman with a future.


  1. I am so proud to know Helen and Sophie. So proud. Helen works tirelessly as an advocate in Wales as well as having a job and a family to care for. She rocks.

  2. Way to go, Helen and Sophie! Bringing back a young girl from the hell of an eating disorder to health and joy is the best possible story that I can imagine. Just wonderful!

  3. This is simply brilliant. Good reporting, too! Kudos all around.


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