Sent: Tuesday, March 08, 2011 2:03 AM
Subject: Media request - eating disorders


My name’s "Journalist" and I’m a freelance journalist, writing for publications in "A Country." I’m looking for  women to interview about their experiences of eating disorders. Specifically I’m looking for women (18 and over) who have overcome a serious eating disorder and have striking before/after photos to include in the piece. Please be assured that the article will be written up sensitively, all interviewees will be paid for their time and it’s an opportunity to raise awareness of any charities or organisations, such as yours, that have helped them too.

Thanks so much, hope to hear from you soon, "Journalist."


A publication that publishes “striking” before/after photos of eating disorder patients is neither sensitive nor does it raise awareness: it perpetuates dangerous myths and exploits people with mental illness. Our organization has clear standards on this and does not assist this kind of journalism.

Your mistaken idea of what an eating disorder is, and how best to raise awareness, is common. I beg you to educate yourself on this, and reconsider your approach. We do indeed need coverage of this issue but not in this way.

Laura Collins
Executive Director


  1. Snap! Oh no you didn't!

    Great response.


  2. Laura, unfortunately, there will always be people in the media who are primarily out for a story to sell, and that is exactly what it sounds like that "journalist" was hawking. Sadly, they won't always come up against a confident educated women like you but a very possibly a vulnerable person who will be exploited for money. Thank you for keeping us on the tract of sound informative activism that promotes facts not fear and outdated theories and treatments.

  3. It is also unethical journalism to pay an interviewee!!! Wowza.

  4. Great response Laura! Unfortunately in the past when I have given the occasional interview and not mentioned my lowest weight the gits have picked a random low sounding number and used that. Some of them won't take no for an answer, they just lie instead. Grrr.


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