skip the Spanx

I wanted you to read this article, to share this sad, new behavior of athletes wearing slimming undergarments and causing neurological symptoms. Doctor To Teen Athletes: Skip Spanx

Then I read the last line.

Eff you. I don't "need" Spanx. No one needs Spanx. Clothes are to cover us, express ourselves, keep us warm - not to alter our shape. Our shapes don't need changing and I don't need to be uncomfortable in my clothing.


  1. I bought a pair - hey I'm a sucker for trying everything once. Went to a party. First thing I did was disappear to the loo to take them off.

    I thought we had got rid of corsets about 100 years ago.....

  2. That last line made me mad too. There is such "fat phobia" in our society. Sad, sad, sad.

  3. Talked to son about this today he said the guys wear spandex shorts to prevent chaffing.I asked if they weren't really uncomfortable and he explained about "Mandex". LOL.


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