I need to know what these kids are saying.

I know, cute baby videos and catz and all that: not my bag. But this, you NEED this. And don't stop half way - it is exactly as long as it needs to be. And you NEED to find me a translator:

It must be something about a sock shortage. I have a strong sense that these kids have expressive, fun parents!


  1. It's about the sock, I think it is in the refrigerator. Otherwise I'm guessing they want snacks from the fridge.
    Did you notice they mirror each other? One is left handed and the other is right.

  2. Here are some subtitles, courtesy of the once escaped, now recaptured Bronx Zoo Cobra:


  3. Such a good example of the activity of mirror neurons!

  4. don't pu your bare foot on the stainless fridge, it makes a toe print! You can only put the socked foot on it without getting in trouble. really, don't put your bare foot on the fridge....I am telling you...you really don't want to do that....honestly....I really don't want to hear mom saying how she does not want those toe prints on the stainless!!....:) too cute!!


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