Failure to treat IS our fault

The true tragedy of eating Disorders is not how crippling, life-destroying, draining to family and clinicians they are. The tragedy is that they are treatable but more often than not, we fail to even start.

Parents, this IS our responsibility. Seek treatment. Seek the best, evidence-based treatment and put everything else aside as you make this your priority.


  1. Great post Laura and thank you for sharing the research. My hunch is that if we can de-stigmatize these illnesses people will no longer be "embarrassed" and "resistant" to getting their child help. I did hear something disconcerting recently about parents who didn't see anything wrong with their child being severely anorexic and were themselves afraid about her gaining weight. Unbelievable. Of course, I am sad to hear such things as they tend to add fuel to those who want to cling to blaming parents.

    It seems to be a circle we are having trouble getting out of. It seems if we can stop showing family dynamics as a risk factor then the blame/shame game will stop and people will more readily get help for their kids.

    Yes, seek treatment before it is too late and seek evidence-based treatment.

    Becky Henry

  2. Valuable post! I shared it on FB. The fact that EDs are treatable needs to be put out there as often as we can.


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