Clint Eastwood and me in a bathrobe

I know you think of the town of Warrenton as special just because it is F.E.A.S.T.'s address, but yesterday as I was sitting here working all day in my bathrobe I want you to know that Clint Eastwood Invaded Warrenton just a few blocks away, right in front of F.E.A.S.T.'s bank and post office box. Right near those courthouse steps, I'm sure everyone told Mr. Eastwood, my tap class performed just a few months ago. He didn't stop over for tea, nor did Dicaprio who was working a few miles away on another part of the film. But then again, I didn't get dressed to go stare at the proceedings, either - we're even.


  1. Love it, love it, love it!!!

  2. Hi - I have a relevant guest post regarding eating disorders and children. Wondered if you'd like to take a look?

    I also do Monday Madness - a blog linky for mental health bloggers every week, and Awareness day on Wednesdays. Hope to see you over at wordsinsync soon - OH - For those who participate in the linky's I offer the chance of a feature on Thursdays too. Shah .X

  3. Shah,

    I had a look and was alarmed to see the guest post you mentioned has two "thinspo" photos in it. I'm not sure how much you are aware of that genre but I believe you may want to reconsider hosting those photos.

    Pro-ana and thinspo don't cause eating disorders, but they aren't benign - for me it is like seeing someone displaying a skin cancer and not knowing that it is both dangerous and treatable.

    With those photos in there I know that most responsible eating disorder bloggers would not want to be associated with your blog or blog group. Give it some thought?


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