A new way to "google yourself"

Even my mother has done it! I know you've done it: googled yourself.  It's kind of vertiginous the first time, and can be like waking up in a nightmare that you can't erase: "Why is THAT still there?" "Did I really say that?" "Oh, no, I wonder if X will read that..."

Well, I am tickled to discover a new way to google oneself (and yes, that is officially a verb, now) that is, interestingly enough, less personal:

New From Google: The Body Browser

I used it a few weeks ago to explore my sinuses, because I had a nagging head cold and realized I had no idea what goes on up there. Fascinating stuff. (the structures, not the stuff stuffing it up) My head's better, but I can never look at my nose the same way...

You'll probably need to update your browser, I did, it's worth it.


  1. I absolutely love Google body. The only problem is that it is addictive - at least for me. I spent almost a whole day looking at it not realising that my day had just disappeared...

  2. I just got back from the doctor where I found out that my nagging head cold was really a nasty sinus infection. I should have googled it!!

  3. Laura, I'm sorry to hear that...

    I have exactly the same, and tonsillitis too :(

    Damn sinuses. Damn tonsils.

    And I'm allergic to penicillin.

    And all other antibiotics make me feel sick. BLAH.

    I am a grumpy old woman today....


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