SYTYCD, Joan Crawford?

I posted one of the videos below last night because I invited my tap class over for a little party (noisy foods and bubbly beverages, naturally) and we swapped favorite movie clips.

Joan Crawford Goes Gaga For Dance cracks me up because it it absolutely NOT what I would think of as "Joan Crawford." Another example of how the image we create, or let others create for us, is just a slice. My tap friends had never been to my house and I remember before they arrived thinking "what on earth will they make of my house, my pictures, my inability to gather three identical glasses..." Well, whatever they had gathered of "me" after years of Friday nights together at the studio I can't have come off any more goofy and variable than Joan Crawford in that mashup!

Other highlights of the evening:


  1. Great fun Laura. Have always been more of a Bette Davies fan but see that I have may have underestimated the scope of Miss Crawford's career!

    Erica (B)

  2. What a great post - such a great reminder of the big fun world out there, outside the walls of ED. Friends. Dancing. Laughter.
    So important for all concerned; family, carers, and sufferers alike.


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