Is there a need for one-week family interventions?

Kartini Clinic has a question for parents:

"We have just launched our Kartini Maudsley Outpatient program (where a medically stable child is treated at home, with our team support, using our nutritional plan). We already offer inpatient medical stabilization and Kartini Day Treatment, as well as tailored aftercare/outpatient treatment. We welcome one-time consultations to determine presence or absence of an eating disorder as well as one-time consultations for the purpose of helping a family determine appropriate level of care. We also welcome phone consultations with parents only, when parents feel the need to talk about their own child’s situation with one of our doctors. We can do distance follow-up (via phone or skype) for those of our graduated patients living or going to college within Oregon and Washington.

So, is there a need for an intensive week-long program for parents who want to do Maudsley in their own home town"

Give your thoughts to Dr. O'Toole


  1. i can see that there might be a demand for this but just as a devil's advocate wonder if it can truly be ccalled maudsley

  2. Laura, I am thinking that there may be a better word than intervention for what Dr. O'Toole is describing here. I have benefited (admittedly more recently) by participating in Family Weeks at residential treatment center when the programs not only provide me with the latest information about eating disorders but also techniques to understand and work more fruitfully with my loved one. Perhaps, in fact, Dr. O'Toole might want to definte more clearly what she would include in an intensive week-long program for parents who want to do Maudsley in their own home(s) and, as well, perhaps improve the percentage of success/failure of this method from 50/50.


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