Antique Response Show

We watch Antiques RoadShow sometimes, and not just to catch re-runs of my friend, Charlotte**, and her pillows. My husband watches for great finds. I watch for great reactions.

I don't care for the ones who keep interrupting with "yes" and "right" meant to imply the bearer already knew that... well, then, why be there? I don't approve. I'm not even happy for you if you're going to act like that.

I'm in it for the the "Really? REALLY???" reactions. Those you can keep the camera running, and in fact I wish they'd catch the next minute when the person pulls out the cell phone to call everyone they know and rents a limo to get home.

I don't know what to make of the "Oh." responses with no discernable emotion.

Here's the thing. If you schlep something to the Roadshow, and stand in line, we know you think it is special. We know you want to be surprised and delighted, and we do, too! You wouldn't show up for the Oscars without a speech, so please, prepare something. Have a speech! Fainting is fine. Weeping allowed. Woo-hoo!

Watch the full episode. See more Antiques Roadshow.

**Charlotte, I still haven't seen it!


  1. To be honest, Laura, when you are being filmed it is such a surreal experience! I did gush very effectively about my cushions (and my ivory monkey!) but you are literally struck dumb as the camera crew and the expert hold their breath.

    Next time, I will give you a quick email whilst I am in make-up and you can write a quick speech for me!



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