Why I haven't written about NEDA conference

So, it's been a couple of weeks and I haven't written my usual long personal conference report. I have reasons, if not excuses.
  • There's a lot that I am worried about saying. Some upsetting things happened and I'm reluctant to air them publicly but since I'm by nature a pretty what-you-see-is-what-you-get person I'm not good at half the story and so my voice is gummed up. This is probably a relief to some people, but come to think of it those people have probably never read my blog.
  • For all the controversial stuff, the weekend was such a lot of roaring fun, too, that I just go on goofy grinning reveries and keep looking at the pictures and wasting time.
  • I haven't caught up on anything yet, including completely unpacking.
  • I usually write a long, newsy, full of names report but this time I honestly met so many people that I couldn't possibly do it without missing any and can't possibly give some people their due and don't want to slight anyone. It was a weekend of "I'm Someone-You've-Wanted-To-Meet-For-A-Long-Time, Hi!" and my emotions and memory were whipped to a froth. I mean, I wonder if anyone can imagine what it is like to have all these relationships with people online - and only get to see once a year at the conference - who took the time to come to NEDA and threw themselves into the crowd and be so wonderful. It was like having a book come alive at you a la "NeverEnding Story" and constantly blinking to see if it was still real. I am blown away by the reality of this amazing community of people - and as fast as I'm blinking, it still seems to be there! Don't disappear!
  • So many people are out there blogging** and Facebooking and chatting about the conference I no longer feel the same sort of need to make those who were not there feel included and involved.
  • This is the first time my husband was there as well and I probably processed more of it in person than I usually can. It was a blast having him there and I loved seeing people's reactions to "Samuel" aka "Cheforexic."
  • I know that those reports are more about my processing things than any information others yearn to read.
  • There's SO much to do. Be careful what you wish for: F.E.A.S.T. is a locomotive lately!
  • Finally: you know who you are. To the people who showed up, held me up, gave footrubs, gave rooms at your house, shared rooms, made that table a community, dried tears, brought your socks, MADE socks, quilted 100 gorgeous keyrings, did Stinkbug imitations, sent pictures to Mamame, brought me coffee, brought me a Breakfast With Some Protein, carried the pizza, scouted out a diner, brought me books, texted, used our room for storage, paid New York hotel rates, held down the forum, brought their spouses, sent donations, sent greetings, watched an empty video feed, clowned for the camera, mourned, hugged, debated, cared, and "cliqued" - you know who you are and I hope I showed you how much I appreciated it. If not, I want you to know, it was one of the finest weeks of my life and you were the reason. Thank you. Really.
** Must reads: Marcella, Carrie, Sarah


  1. "I know that those reports are more about my processing things than any information others yearn to read."

    Perhaps you use the reports to process things, but there are some of us out here who would like to read your information, as well as your "take" on the content of the conference.


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