When I grow up I want to be Lisa La Touche

My coping mechanisms for stress are: a full night's sleep, making to-do lists, refusing to answer the phone, putting a fresh coat of paint on things, and watching tap dancing videos.

I don't know why the stars aligned to put NEDA's conference, our website launch, the publishing of a major Family-Based Maudsley study, and a visit from an elderly aunt in the same week but.... let's just say that some tap dancing is being watched.

When I grow up, I want to be Lisa La Touche. I know Certain People think my tap dancing is a silly pursuit but I dare you to smirk or giggle over this amazing woman!


  1. What if the tapping, repetitive sound has a biological/physiological effect on our brains and resets our
    brains to a less anxious state? Rather than just being a distraction, it is a modifier?
    A question for Dr's R and K?

  2. Laura, tap dancing is only silly when a tapper wants it to be silly! It is a great art form and can express any emotion, plus it's great exercise. Enjoy yourself! I don't know if you are aware of Melinda Sullivan, the tapper who was in So You Think You Can Dance, season 7. She is tremendously entertaining and gorgeous. I can't watch her enough. Here is a little sample of her and her tapping: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fmqao5Sm1KY

  3. I finished watching a very bizarre film with Isabelle Huppert in the lead role yesterday (I am sure there are no other kind with Isabelle Huppert in them) but I learned a new phrase - faire des claquettes - to tap dance; I thought it sounded lovely, very onomatopoeic and Lisa La Touche, with her lovely french sounding name, reminded me of it.

    Hope the de-stressing is doing its magic.

    Erica (EB)

  4. I love you guys. I love sharing this stuff!

    My daughter is a SYTYCD fan and told me about Sullivan but I hadn't seen her dance - thank you! What a great young rep of the form.

    And faire des claquettes - oh, that's lovely. You've just increased my active French by a third and could not be more useful!


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