Wedded to that belief

A young cousin, by marriage, recently and unexpectedly died.

An anecdote. Burning Dan recently tried to teach my mother some juggling technique. Being highly competent in many things but not this, she kept saying "I can't." After a while Dan gently asked her "How wedded are you to that belief?"

Everyone I tell this story to has the same response: "bam." Won't say, or hear, "I can't" the same way, and you know you are going to question it: "What can't I do? "How wedded am I to that belief?"

Thank you, Burning Dan.


  1. I am sorry for your family's loss Laura. What a beautiful tribute to an obviously talented and remarkable young man. I learned this lesson years ago from my former medical director, Mark. He taught our treatment team how to juggle. It was fun, funny, challenging and felt impossible to me. I recall saying "I can't do this, I'm done!" and Mark's response was, "are you going to allow your patient's to give up so easily on treatment and their recovery?" and back to juggling I went. Thank you Mark!

  2. So sad. He had an amazing relationship with his brother. His parents were active with the local Pacifica radio station here in LA. My his memory be for a blessing.


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