in case you are wondering what we're doing at NEDA tonight...


  1. All the best conferences include an opening dance. Have fun!!!

  2. Wow, I feel like such an 'old fart'... Grease, Saturday Night Fever, Flashdance, Dirty Dancing... (I never saw Footloose and that film with JLC, and I don't know some of the others...).

    I liked Flashdance the best :) I thought it was really cool that the main character was a welder by day and a dancer by night. I'd have loved to have been able to do that dance to 'What a Feeling' at the end but I've always been about as flexible as a piece of hardboard :P

    Please upload a video of you all doing the same at NEDA!

  3. I loved watching this! Got a lot of the movies, but a few escaped me. Footloose, Dirty dancing, Flashdance, a few glimpses of Saturday night fever, a dab of Moulin Rouge and a smatter of Seven brides for seven brothers, and White knights with Gregory Hines and Mikhail Barishnikov... mmmmm.


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