How many international inpatient and residential ED treatment centers?

A time-sensitive query from a friend:

"Does anyone know the best way to identify the number of residential/inpatient treatment programs outside the USA? Any advice you can give me in how to obtain this info would be so helpful. Also, if you could quickly list the inpatient/residential programs you know of in your own country that would be a huge help"

Please leave ideas/comments/local centers in the comments, asap!!




    and on the left hand side is a list of various countries... not that great, but it's all I could find

    also, for the UK,


  3. Laura --don't think there is a way to accurately count yet the centers in the USA...there are so many places that call themselves "TREATMENT CENTERS" but do not actually treat Eating Disorders ---ie: Gen. Psych Hospitals that say they "treat" eating disorders, yet do not follow remotely any standards of care. Hmm...this is something to look into.
    EDReferral and EDhope are two of the best references, tho' ---as your readers already pointed out :)


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