Bob Newhart gets it

I grew up watching Bob Newhart and he always reminds me of one of my dads. I can't tell you how much I laughed over this bit:


  1. hahahahahahahteeheeeteeheeehahahahhahahhahha....OMG I can't stop laughing!!!

  2. Ha! Try this one, the Drill Sergeant Therapist

  3. Heeeyyyyy - he can't remind you of YOUR dad! He reminds me of MY Dad! LOLOLOLOL!

    I love this bit. Love it, love it!

  4. Funny, Anonymous 2!!

  5. Loved this too, I love mad tv.. Saw this before Bob Newhart was great

  6. I grew up watching this, too. My best friend's dad could have been his twin. People used to stop him in public all the time. He actually faked an autograph for someone once!
    Thanks for the memories, Laura, and a good laugh!
    Oh that it was this simple.


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